Summer Safety Tips


Warmer weather is finally here! While everyone is getting outside and enjoying the nice days, we wanted to share a few tips on how to keep your furry friends safe and healthy as summer approaches:


1.    Don’t leave pets in the car. Even on moderately warm days, the interior of a vehicle can heat up to life-threatening temperatures in just a few minutes, even when the windows are cracked open. It’s best to leave pets at home if you know you will need to make a stop.


2.    Don’t let dogs ride loose in the back of a pickup truck. It’s safer to keep them in the cab with you. If they need to ride in the back, make sure they are in kennels which are securely tied down so they cannot shift or move during the ride.


3.    Don’t let your dog hang their head out the car window. We know it’s cute, but it can also be dangerous. Dust, dirt, and other small objects can fly into your pet’s face and eyes, causing ocular foreign bodies and other injuries.


4.    Gradually get back into shape. If you and your pet have been less active over the winter months, it’s tempting to jump right back into full-force exercise. However, this can be dangerous for pets who are not used to it. Especially on warmer days, they can be more susceptible to heat stroke and exhaustion. It’s best to take a gradual approach and slowly increase the intensity.  


Please let us know if you have any questions about these or other warm weather considerations. Together we can keep your pets healthy and safe as we all get into the swing of summer!


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