Tips for Low Stress Veterinary Visit



Many pets get nervous and stressed at the vet. Our goal is to give your pet a positive experience at our clinic. We do our best to make nervous pets relaxed and comfortable while they are here. There are also several steps you can take before your visit to help keep your pet as relaxed as possible:


1.       Bring your pet hungry. Skip their morning meal or take their food away the morning of the visit. This will allow us to use treats to reverse your pet’s fear and create a happy mindset. If your pet is on a special diet, or if you would rather they eat their regular kibble instead of treats, feel free to bring their skipped meal along and we can use that as treats during the visit.


2.       Teach your cat to love the carrier. Leave the carrier out permanently and make it comfortable with a soft blanket. It helps if you can feed your cat their daily meals in the carrier (always leaving the door open) to help them form a positive association with the carrier.  That way, when they need to travel, they will not be stressed by being in the carrier. Instead they will have their own safe, comfortable hiding place with them wherever they go.


3.       Bring your dogs to the clinic for happy visits. It’s free and easy! Stop in any time and give your pet some tasty treats in the lobby. If your pet is especially stressed, start by giving treats in the parking lot and each visit gradually work up to giving treats in the building. When it comes time for a veterinary visit, your pet will be excited to come back to a place they now see as positive and fun.


Please let us know if you have any questions about these procedures. Together we can make your pet’s visits relaxed and comfortable. We hope that your pet will love seeing us as much as we love seeing them! 


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