Chiropractic Care

Have you ever considered chiropractic care for your pets? We occasionally refer our clients to specialists such as chiropractors, and we wanted to share a success story from one client whom we referred to Dr. Melissa Loidolt last summer. Please read her words below, and please let us know if you have any questions about referrals. Together we can keep your pets as happy and healthy as they can be!       


“In December of 2012, I noticed my Miniature Schnauzer, Molly (10), was having problems with one or both of her back legs.  Sometimes she would hop around on 3 legs or she would have a hard time getting out of a laying position.  This progressed to the point where I was carrying her in and out of the house, up/down stairs, etc.  GCPH prescribed her pain meds, but it didn’t seem to even touch the pain and Molly was getting worse.  We added a second pain med and by the end of May 2013, Molly was maxed out on pain meds and was not getting any better.  On 6/7/13, I scheduled a discussion with Dr. Nelson who went through step by step what was going on with Molly.  His final statement being that if we do not see any progress, this might be the end.  He knows I do not give up easily and said that if I were willing, I could try a Chiropractor.  He thought if the chiro could help a little, then the pain meds would be able to do the rest.  I jumped at the opportunity and knew it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.  On 6/10/13 Molly had her first chiro appointment with Dr. Melissa Loidolt of HeathSource in St. Cloud.  I was freaked out, nervous and so scared this wouldn't work, but we left the appointment happy and confident that we were going to see some great results.  And we sure did!!  Within 48 hours of Molly’s first appointment, she was walking with ease, sitting straight, and was able to get up from a laying position.  It was unbelievable!  Within 10 days, I was able to reduce her pain meds by HALF and we have stayed at that level since.

Dr. Loidolt is not only a great chiropractor; she is a wonderful person and a true animal lover.  Molly loves visiting her and the staff at HealthSource.

Molly now “tells me” when it is time to visit Dr. Loidolt again and that is usually every 6 – 8 weeks.  The change in Molly is indescribable.  She is now 11 years old and is back playing with the big dogs at the dog park, being sassy and a little crazy, and acting like she did when she was 2 – my wild girl is back!

I want to thank Dr. Jeffrey Nelson and Granite City Pet Hospital for giving me and Molly this option.  We owe you and Dr. Loidolt so much and we will forever be grateful for the extended time we have together!!”

-Shannon Nies

St. Cloud, MN

June 11, 2014