Fun with Guinea Pigs!


Our household, like that of many families, is a very busy one.  So when my aunt recently asked me if we could adopt a guinea pig that was in need of a home, I firmly answered "no."  Within 24 hours, we were excited to welcome the CUTEST little piglet, Symbol, to the family.  

Like any responsible pet owner, we started doing some research.  We quickly realized guinea pigs do best in bunches, not solo. Because we have three kids, it seemed only reasonable to find two more guinea pigs in search of a new home.  It was not long before Flower and Sally joined the family, too.  

The three little piggies hit it off right away with minimal disagreements (turns out they each want their own hiding house, not just a couple big ones).  They happily share one large, 2-story cage in my son's room.  We take them out into their "pig pen" in the grass for exercise and fresh air.  Each child has their very own pig to play with and snuggle.  The kids pick carrots from the garden to feed them.  Sometimes they even help clean the cage.  The brunt of the work, of course, goes to Mom and Dad.      

I have always been a huge fan of guinea pigs....what's not to love?  The adorable face, the gentle and playful personality, the wide array of noises (wheek, rumble, purr....).  I have been pleasantly surprised at how well they have adapted to being handled by chldren, spending long periods of time contentedly watching Dora or Backyardigans on the lap of their child.  And so... I am adding "guinea pig owner" to my list of credentials.  Thank you, Aunt Kathy, for giving me the nudge.  We are quite enjoying our little furry companions.