A Personal Note....


Excuse me, if you will, for just a moment while I hijack this blog for a quick personal note.  

I'm feeling a bit sentimental, I guess, as this month marks my 10th year as a veterinarian and my 10th year at Granite City Pet Hospital.  Many things have changed in the past decade, but there are a few important constants for which I am grateful:

1.  Pets are great.  You really can't get tired of seeing those new puppies and kittens in for their first check ups.  Each dog or cat or bunny I see has it's own unique personality and funny or heartwarming stories.  They are the heart of what we do and the reason I chose this career ages ago when I was just a young girl.

2.  Learning is life-long.  It is a rare day that goes by where I haven't learned a little something new or have had the opportunity to see something for the first time.   There are conferences and lectures that provide us with a wealth of information as well as the continuing education credits required to maintain our licenses.   But sometimes, it is simply the day-to-day experiences that help keep us on our toes and excited to see what will come in next.  

3.  I have the best colleagues and co-workers.  Maybe it is something about this profession, or maybe I've just been lucky, but from the moment I took my first job in the veterinary field as a kennel assistant 20 years ago, I have known nothing but hard-working, honest, and caring colleagues and co-workers.  I now have the pleasure of working with Drs. Jeff Nelson and Deanna Quade and a well-trained and experienced group of certified veterinary technicians, receptionists, and kennel assistants.  Spending time with this supportive, fun, and compassionate group allows me to look forward to walking in the door here every day.          

4.  The person at the other end of the leash.  Sure, I spend a lot of my time and energy on the animal, but an equally important and rewarding part of my job is talking with the pet's owner.  Our clients here at Granite City Pet Hospital are the greatest and they love their pets like children.  I enjoy listening and getting to know them over the years, and am grateful that they have chosen us to provide the very best care for their companion.  

I can't help but wonder what's in store for the next 10 years, and I am looking forward to finding out.  I feel very fortunate to be in this profession and to be able to practice here at Granite City Pet Hospital.  Thank you to those of you - clients, pets, colleagues, co-workers - who have touched my life and make this a great place to be.